We sell premium quality impressions of designer fragrances. 
Our scents are recreated by using similar notes of non-alcoholic concentrated oil.
Notes used in each scent is given on the product pages. 
Our perfume oils use the highest quality ingredients to create a new aroma that you will love.

- Both Oil and Alcoholic perfumes have similar scents.

- Oil perfumes are 100% natural and free of alcohol.

- They are best used on skin and last much longer than alcoholic perfumes.

- Oil fragrances are also less drying for the skin.

Our Sacred Perfume easy to carry oil bottles come with a roll-on.

Tips to apply perfume oils:

- Don't apply directly to your clothes.

- Oil fragrances work best on fresh and clean skin.

- Apply on pulse points such as wrist, neck, back of ear lobes, and then dab gently.

Sacred Perfume oil fragrances are an impression of Premium brands. The scents are recreated by using similar notes of concentrated oil.

Sacred Perfumes competes with designer brands. It does not use their fragrances and is not associated in any way with the designer brands or their manufacturers.

We are offering a ‘Buy 3, Get 1 free’ bundle for limited time only.

The offer will automatically apply to your cart when you check out 4 or more Sacred Perfume oils.

At Sacred Perfume, we offer a variety of discount codes for our customers to use as they purchase our perfume oils. These discount codes are introduced for limited time only.

- All discount codes are valid for one time use only.

- All discount codes are valid for limited time only.

- Only one discount/promotion can be applied at time of purchase


To order our scents, you may place an order through our website or message us directly on our social media platforms.

As soon as we receive your order, we get it ready to be shipped.

It takes 3 to 5 working days to get delivered.

Currently we are only offering Cash on Delivery (COD) services.

Return & Exchange

We have a 10-day Return & Exchange policy.

However, our Return & Exchange policy only applies if the parcel received is Defected, Damaged or Wrong. If you are faced with any such issue, please contact us immediately.

Your order is processed as soon as you confirm it on our website. You may request to change or cancel your order within two hours of placing it.