About Us


Perfumes have widely been known for displaying one’s personality. However, a significant number of perfume enthusiasts find it extremely difficult to do so as they have a very tight budget and cannot afford to spend hefty amounts on designer perfumes.

Gucci, Varsace, Marc Jacobs and Chanel are all brands that are exquisitely displayed at malls and the only thing that retains people and students from buying them is the price tag. Sacred Designer Perfume Oils has solved this problem!

At Sacred Perfumes, we not only recreate designer scents but we do it along the line of being vegan friendly! Our perfume oils are 100% alcohol free. Unlike designer scents, our perfume oils last for over 8 hours. In addition to this, our prices are very light on the pocket!

With perfumes oils you can enjoy your favourite designer fragrances at a reasonable price and you can have it on you at all times! Our perfume oil bottles are designed to fit in pockets and fanny packs.